Our Stance on Key Issues

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), in collaboration with its advocacy affiliate AMAC Action, is fully engaged in a broad range of challenges to the inalienable rights of all Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as protected and guaranteed by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. AMAC Action, directly represents AMAC members in confronting the myriad of governmental and Leftist challenges to individual liberty and freedom, and the free market, while acting as a recognized and valued resource for AMAC members, Congress, state leaders and seniors throughout America.

In that connection, the following discussions of multiple issue areas are provided so that you can become familiar with our stances on each of these critical matters. These stances or positions are very definitive and the product of the votes in our weekly polls through which our members provide guidance and instruction to us and our advocacy.

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

AMAC strongly opposes Critical Race Theory, an innately racist approach to dividing Americans, which fundamentally contradicts a belief in the American Dream, shared by everyone from our Founders and Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan.

CRT teaches resentment, rather than equality among individuals equal in God’s eyes. It is the antithesis of teachings by Dr. Martin Luther King when, in his “I Have a Dream” speech he affirmed: “…I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

It draws upon Marxist – Lenin revolutionary strategies and replaces economic classes with race classes. It argues that self-determination is impossible for non-whites in its racist dogma aimed at destroying the idea of achieving the “American Dream” for people of color and to incense them to rage and hatred.

CRT ignores the hard data that demonstrates America is, objectively, the strongest GLOBAL MAGNET for people of all races, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds, and long has been. In short, CRT is a sham, an attempt to replace belief in the promise and ideals of America, and it uses division, violence, and communist strategies to undercut and destroy the very foundations of America.

Indeed, CRT is aimed at the centralizing of power to forcibly redistribute wealth among groups by those in power and to dismiss the American Dream. Not only is America not systemically racist, but it is also the most systemically anti-racist country in history.

Americans believe in individual liberty and equal opportunity for all men and women of every race – and we must not forget how we continue to strive for these ideals- consider these epic events, such as the Civil War, the civil rights movements, greater equality in education, & equality in the workplace.

In sum, CRT is simply a leftist “divide and conquer” strategy, to be disavowed by any thoughtful American.

Is America Racist?

While humanity is forever drawn to difference, comparison, and susceptible of racism, or prejudice on skin color and ethnic background, America is profoundly anti-racist, the most anti-racist in the history of humanity and on the planet. Not only does our Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the 13th, 14th, 19th, and other amendments, directly oppose racism, pledging our nation to equality before the law, equal rights, treatment, and opportunity to thrive, but we fought a Civil War in which hundreds of thousands of white Americans died to free black Americans. We integrated our Armed Forces in 1948, have pushed anti-discrimination laws at every level of government and society, from education to employment.

THE data is overwhelming – not only are we NOT systemically racist, but WE ARE systemically anti-racist. Upward mobility, equality of opportunity for all, is our mantra, goal, and mission – with respect for God-given individual gifts and liberties. Notably, NO country on earth gets more minority immigrants year on year than America, no country offers more assurances of equal opportunity; more than a quarter of all millionaires in America are minorities, with millions working at high paying jobs, sending children to the best educational institutions, in public and private leadership from cabinet rank, president, vice president and business tycoons to leadership posts in every discipline.

While racism is a human failing, America is resolved – by law, history, and personal conviction to oppose racism. We are the most systematically anti-racist nation in history.


AMAC believes in rule of law, which means sanctity of the US border, citizenship, and legal immigration. Immigration must be regulated in accordance with the law and its numbers for foreign entrants, not by politics. AMAC strongly opposes open borders policies and directives, which is no less that an intentional action by President Biden and his administration not to enforce US immigration laws.

Illegal immigration is exactly what it sounds like, illegal crossing of the US border – a violation of US laws to acquire the benefits of presence in a country that legally bars entry. Moreover, Illegal immigration has a significant adverse effect on American citizens and has now clearly shown to be dangerous to our public health and safety with the increased influx of criminals engaged in drug and human trafficking, criminal gang members, and members of terrorist organizations.

Under the law an “illegal alien” is a non-US citizen who has illegally entered the United States. The often used term “undocumented immigrants”, among others, are not those used in immigration law, but reflect media and politicians’ efforts to be “politically polite” also known as what is called “political correctness.” Language matters and the terms used should accurately reflect US law and facts.

Illegal immigration ignores rule of law and destroys sanctity of our borders. Biden’s statements since assuming office have been a message that laws do not matter, inside or outside the country. Moreover, crime prevention and law enforcement, public health and education, government, and individual accountability, use of tax dollars, voting integrity, respect for law, and election efficacy have all been undermined by Biden’s inviting and enabling illegal immigration. Ironically, Biden’s Open Border policy and then sending the illegal aliens by plane and bus throughout the United States, directly contradicts immigration law which prohibits and makes it a criminal felony (8 USC 1324) for “bringing in and harboring illegal aliens.”

Legal immigration, culminating in naturalized citizenship – in a nation with 40 million naturalized Americans – is a strength of America. We believe firmly in that value, and goodness of our national mission, which is – in accord with the law – inclusive. The Statue of Liberty, our welcoming history for legal immigrants, and identity as a country premised on legal immigration and ideals, not race, ethnicity, national extraction, or other discriminator, turn on respect for legal immigration – in contrast to illegal immigration. In the end, illegal immigration undermines the ideal of legal immigration.


AMAC believes in the sanctity of human life.

Supporting and preserving a precious human life, both personally and nationally is essential, vital, and a moral imperative. To abort a human life is a profound moral error. To be pro-life is to be pro-child, pro-parent, pro-humility, pro-reality, pro-morally responsible, and pro-God. AMAC fights to protect the most vulnerable and believes in the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death.

Psalm 139:13 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Social Security

AMAC is a firm believer in what Ronald Reagan called the social safety net, a way of assuring those with the least are cared for in a free, capitalist, and compassionate society. We are also believers in return on a lifetime of hard work, through a solvent, solid, and sustainable Social Security system.

That said, AMAC is not in favor of runaway federal entitlements, but strives with various legislative efforts, to keep Social Security solvent, honest, and accountable.

The modern trend is toward endless federal spending, unchecked inflation driven by ever-widening entitlements and loose monetary policy. That approach to federal governance undermines the solvency, accountability, and returns on Social Security. Accordingly, with proposals like our Social Security Guarantee, which balances strong and reliable returns against long term sustainability, AMAC seeks to preserve what is best about the promise innate in Social Security, while pressing national leaders to think ahead, and preserve the integrity of that safety net and those returns of which Reagan spoke.

Medicare for All

Objectively, “Medicare for All” is an oxymoron, an internal contradiction. Quality care for older Americans is upended or defeated by the false promise of free, socialist medicine. Medicare for All is a socialist slogan that can only result in a nightmare in medicine, reduced access to quality health care for older Americans at higher overall individual and societal costs, including higher costs for current wage earners, higher taxes, and more federal waste. Moreover, it places an individual’s access to care subject to federal budgetary constraints, which inevitably lead to “rationing” and long, likely months, wait lists like those that have occurred in the UK and Canada national health systems.

Medicare, with the proper balance, cost sharing, and assurances of both quality and solvency, is a worthy and vital part of our thriving, capitalist, democratic and compassionate country. The Medicare for All “promises” that it can provide free care at maximum quality, no cost and complete access is the sort of policy that are not only untrue, but like other massive federal programs, would further serve to bloat our national debt and imperil the future of our society’s economic future. It is the opposite of what it pledges to be – it is a source of heightened individual insecurity and healthcare rationing, not a source of medical security.

Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment – assuring the right of individuals to “keep and bear arms” – is the sole guarantor of all other freedoms contained in the Constitution, which is why protecting, preserving, and defending it – part of the sacred oath taken by every federal employee explicitly or implicitly – is vital. Without our Second Amendment, the rest of our Bill of Rights becomes undefendable against government. The Second Amendment allows us to sleep well knowing, with some 300 million firearms owned by more than 330 million Americans, the US government is deterred from overreach, criminals are deterred from personal and property crime, and rule of law is reinforced at the individual and family level, while sport and hunting remain a national pastime respected for all purposes. With this Amendment, the country’s security and our freedoms and liberty are enhanced, without it – or with intrusions on it – we gradually lose all freedoms in the loss of this one.

First Amendment

Our First Amendment is first for a reason, it assures freedom of speech, assembly, free exercise of religion and no establishment of a national religion. In short, this amendment is the heart of all that America is, has been, and will be. AMAC is a firm defender of this Amendment, which is increasingly under fire from those aiming to prevent, cancel, punish, and intimidate the individual American from exercising freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. These are not incidental or negotiable rights, but a direct codification of what we call natural law and were at the time our Founders met to secure and preserve them for all time. No president, congress, governor, mayor, city council, school board or other government entity can take from the individual these rights. AMAC works tirelessly to defend these foundational rights – on which so much else depends.

Crime and Police

AMAC strongly supports America’s law enforcement community – at every level of government, local, state, federal, and multijurisdictional. The nation is experiencing an inordinate surge in crime — from narcotics trafficking and homicides in major cities, to the spread of personal and property crimes across urban, suburban, and increasingly the rural Heartland.

Objectively, this crime surge is tied directly to three factors: Largely Democrat-led (at the local, state, and federal levels) disrespect for police forces and officers, of all types. The false premise is that law enforcement is systemically racist, which data – showing systemic respect for minorities and overwhelming minority dominance in urban police forces – show is not true. While racism exists, the overwhelming reality is a systemically non-racist police presence across the country.

Major factor two is a largely Democrat-led effort to “defund” police forces nationwide, which has weakened, demoralized, and reduced recruiting and retention for police forces at every level nationwide.

Third, the political left is, at all levels of government, increasingly intimidating, cancelling, out-shouting, muting, and turning moderate political activity toward violence. This creates a cascading effect, which spurs an expectation of wider violence, and – together with policies like open borders, sanctuary cities, drug legalization, and divisive rhetoric – signal that criminals have free reign.

The overall numbers on crime are both reversible, and reprehensible. The push by the political left – to undermine police – is driving elevated crime. The right answer is to support law enforcement, assure accountability, and reassert the importance of reducing crime.


The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has long held the support of our country’s armed forces Veterans to be a priority, having through the years endorsed a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of millions of citizens who have answered the call to serve. Initiatives like those designed to improve the quality of health care for Veterans, address the growing challenge of homelessness affecting Veterans, and aid Veteran-owned small businesses are but a few of the areas where AMAC has pledged support, all with a common theme of honoring those who have defended our freedoms and our way of life. AMAC’s interest in the Veteran Community is deep, with roughly 75% of the families in our membership having a direct Veteran connection, and with nearly a third of our membership having served in the armed forces.

National Debt

The national debt is incomprehensibly high, and far out of line with the debt level traditionally carried by the US public, on behalf of their government. In effect, beyond the debt we carry personally and the federal budget deficit, or annual borrowing to cover expenses not met by taxes – particularly with an economy artificially slowed by shutdowns, over-taxation, or overregulation – we have a national debt carried by US and foreign creditors.

Our national debt is the measure of how much the federal government owes our creditors, as opposed to how much the government holds to itself – on the Federal Reserve balance sheet. As we overspend each year, the debt rises. Described in the trillions, as a percentage of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or by the debt-to-GDP ratio, the number – any way you look at it – is staggering, and that staggering number has long and serious consequences for the future. A strong economy allows the debt to be paid down, but also – unfortunately – borrowed against by spendthrift presidents and Congresses.

As of April 2021, the national debt was $28.1 trillion and rising. That is an alarming number, suggesting major irresponsibility at the federal level. Our debt has never been that high, and yet federal leaders seem unwilling to pare it back. The predictable effect is:

  • A weaker economy,
  • Higher interest payments,
  • Less productive capital, higher inflation,
  • Higher costs of borrowing for private and business purposes,
  • Rising individual and business insecurity,
  • Downstream effects such as higher rates of unemployment, individuals, and families more dependent upon federal and state welfare, and
  • An overall turn from the virtuous cycle of balanced spending with minimal debt to unmitigated, irresponsible spending and higher debt. 
  • AMAC strongly opposes higher national debt, unnecessary federal spending, waste, dependence, and the drag this represents on our free markets. AMAC tirelessly advocates for reducing the national debt.

Election Integrity

Our entire democratic process, our public trust in institutions embodied in our Constitution, and our trust in those who are elected from generation to generation, depends on election integrity.

AMAC is a strong defender of the Constitution and the vital importance of assuring – at every level of government, from school boards, sheriffs, and mayors to governors, Congress, and the president – election integrity, which requires identity, transparency, institutional integrity, and oversight.

State laws assuring higher levels of transparency, integrity and oversight are timely, and – arguably – vital at this moment in American history. AMAC strongly supports reducing potential fraud by:

  • Requiring voters to present identification,
  • Opposing ballot harvesting,
  • Opposing mail-in ballots and out of precinct voting without reason,
  • Opposing online registration for underage and felon voters, and
  • Opposing DMV and school registration which may permit non-citizen voting.

AMAC respects and abides the US Supreme Court rulings, in 2021, which declared various state reforms to elevate trust in the electoral process as constitutional.

No American citizen should ever support reduced access, voter suppression, or any other measure that diminishes respect for the electoral process; but efforts to malign voter integrity are equally odious. Election integrity is central to trust in the election process, on which all else rests in our democracy.


Many describe Communist China as harmless, innocuous, or an honest competitor. It is none of the above, but a direct threat to the American way of life, resolved to seek communist dominance across the globe, by their own 2021 admission. It is a nation that systematically, ruthlessly, and by official doctrine represses human rights of every kind in that massive country, from millions of forced abortions to detention, torture, and “reprogramming” of political, ethnic, and religious minorities.

China is not only repressive at home, barring all the rights enjoyed by Americans in our Bill of Rights and representative democracy, but has repeatedly crushed students, democratic leaders, and any citizen seeking individual rights – from the Tiananmen Square massacre to brutal repression in Hong Kong. China is unrepentant, abusive, dissembling and largely unaccountable, with an increasing militarization of land, sea, air and space, and an aggressive posture toward regional and global free societies.

The threat it represents is palpable, accelerating, and significant. That threat is regional, especially to Taiwan and other nations, but is also expansive, with the Belt and Road initiative, usurious debt regimes, attempts to align and militarize ports and whole countries, in line with Communist aims. Notably, China is untruthful – as a national policy – toward critics and the West, most notably by denying, deflecting, blocking investigation on, and yet fundamentally originating and allowing spread of the deadly COVID 19 virus.

Communist China is a growing threat, from cyberattacks to military posture, ideological and physical aggression, to free peoples and Western values around the globe. To apologize or appease this reality is unwise. AMAC stands for freedom, truth, and transparency, in the face of Chinese dissembling.


The Russian people have much in common with Americans, including an overwhelming population of Christian believers, as well as many shared Western values, and periods of history – from the Czarist era through World War II, the Apollo-Soyuz to Reagan-Gorbachev era – when our people’s interests aligned.

Unfortunately, autocracy is a time-honored form of public repression, and the history of Russia in recent years has been marred by autocracy, internal repression of dissidents, invasion of neighboring countries, cyberespionage, extraterritorial crimes, and disingenuous, often untruthful diplomacy.

Russia remains the second most powerful nuclear power, an antagonist for the US, and an oil-rich, unavoidably neighboring threat – and trading partner – for America’s European allies. The importance of Russia as an adversary is not underestimated; but the threat posed by Russia’s current leadership and ambitions pales by comparison with the threat posed by Communist China. That is just a reality, understood by all national security experts watching the trajectory of both nations.

Elder Care

The care of aging Americans is an enduring priority for AMAC. We are regularly vocal and active on legislation directly supporting older Americans, caregivers, and those who make a mission of caring for the elderly. The range of issues, as well as federal and state initiatives that AMAC supports, is broad and continues to get broader every year. In short, the demographics of the nation make a focus on the aging, from medicine to retirement, rights to respect – a growing moral, personal, legislative, and regulatory concern. The intergenerational debt we owe is forever beyond our repayment, but we do what we can – all of us – to support those who, from veterans to great grandparents – who made possible all we enjoy. This is a centerpiece of our mission.

Elder Fraud and Cyber Security

Fraud perpetrated on older Americans, who are often necessarily less tech-savvy, aware of scams, and tracking their own vulnerability, has been a growing concern for AMAC. We have written about this in columns, the magazine, and in alerts. We continue to highlight the latest attempts by online criminals to deceive, scam, and defraud older Americans out of public and private benefits, preservation of their life savings, and protection of their health, safety, security, and resources. Elder financial fraud is an issue of enduring concern, and AMAC aims to track and inform on this issue.

Faith and Religion

AMAC is a determined defender of the individual right of all Americans to practice their faith, to enjoy the constitutionally protected right to free exercise of their religion, and to live by the moral and religious dictates, guideposts, and avowed faith that our conscience permits. AMAC membership is open to all, but as a matter of practice, the majority of our membership tends to be constitutionally aligned, patriotic, and hold values in line with Judeo-Christian values.

A moral compass has long been vital for the country, and our nation’s Founders believed – without notable exception – that the Hand of Providence made possible the country’s founding and survival. That central tenet has been held tight, often as the basis for survival, by most of our leaders throughout history – especially those who governed during crises, such as the early presidents, as well as Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, and GW Bush, and by veterans in virtually all conflicts in all times. Notably, more than a quarter of AMAC membership is composed of veterans and roughly three-quarters have a veteran in the family. Faith is highly respected by AMAC.


AMAC is an enthusiastic believer in individualism, individual enterprise, entrepreneurship, and free markets. As a rule, our members tend to respect the power of one person’s idea, convictions, discipline, and hard work to change the world. AMAC’s farseeing Founder, Dan Weber, took that conviction to heart when he founded the organization, and those who lead today are in full alignment with that optimistic, can-do, make-it-happen, and historically rooted view. American history is proof that the power of an idea, whether in business, science, medicine, or politics, if backed by common sense, hard work, and sacrifice, can lead to great things, great outcomes, and great goodness. Our legislative, public communications, and policy work reflect that conviction.

Death Tax

Fundamentally, fairness attaches to being able to keep the better part of what we earn, and since our children and heirs generally represent part of the motivation for the hard work that generates wealth – at any level – there is a strong, fundamental fairness argument tied to allowing us to pass to future generations, without government dipping into the earnings, what we labor to give to those who will follow us. This is at the core of why an estate tax is viewed by many as unfair. The government has no innate right to the simple transfer of one generation’s earnings to the next. For that reason, AMAC is generally opposed to any estate or death tax.

In slightly more detail, while repealed for one year in 2010, the ugly head of death taxes has risen again. The back and forth often turns on what the exemption level should be – how much is too much to pass along without taxes? While essentially a flat tax after 2013, over five million dollars, the arguments abound for ending this tax entirely. Why? Because it punishes success, enterprise, and the earnings that follow success; our nation was built on risk taking and success in business, which includes profitability. The tax encourages spending now, versus saving – which can be disadvantageous for the economy. And the tax hits family- owned businesses, such as farms, especially hard. Of course, one of the least articulated but truest arguments, is that this money left for private investing often does far more “public good” than when wasted or misspent by government. In sum, “grave robbing” federal and state death taxes should be eliminated. Certainly, in an economic sense, death taxes are not defensible as risks tied to business grow, taxes increase, and concern for the economic wellbeing and opportunity for future generations rises.

Small Business (taxes)

AMAC is committed to the six words often summoned to explain Ronald Reagan’s 1980 and landslide 1984 victories, namely “strong defense, smaller government (meaning less regulation, spending, expansion), lower taxes.” The “lower taxes” part is both individual and corporate, and corporate part is key – because most of America’s businesses are small businesses, not large. That means most jobs are tied to small businesses, and many of these are retail, small margins, very tax sensitive.

The lower their taxes, the lower the cost of their products and services, the more jobs they create and retain, more they invest in the future. That is why, in a nutshell, we believe that lower taxes on small business is one secret to future US growth, employment, productivity, innovation, success, and leadership. In short, we want to see smaller businesses survive and thrive. Many are owned by older Americans, but all are indicative of success.


Socialism is a danger to free republics everywhere, not least America. We are the living embodiment of an anti-socialist country, determined to preserve the rights and guarantees in our Bill of Rights, fully and unendingly committed to individual liberty, equal opportunity, and a free market economy. We are the “Beacon on the Hill,” the place all the world looks to for strength in that basic idea – that the individual matters.

Socialism leads directly to the centralization of power that solidifies as Communism and totalitarian rule. It is the proven opposite of freedom. From the Soviet Union and Communist Eastern Bloc, both now defunct – to Communist Chinese repression, or the socialist utopianism that has destroyed progress in Cuba, Venezuela, and other formerly free states, while retarding progress in places like North Korea, Laos, and countries living in the deprivation of elite communist leaders, the reality of socialism/Communism/totalitarianism is clear.

Socialism involves flipping the table on our Bill of Rights, and representative democracy, replacing it with one-party rule. It involves concentrating power in those governing few who then use the coercive powers of government – an increasingly powerful federal government – to intimidate, repress, redistribute resources, punish enemies, reward communist friends, destroy individual liberties wholesale, end equal opportunity for all individuals, upward mobility, and the security of a free society. History is as clear as clear gets – socialism is a dead-end street, that ends in darkness, danger, fear, and regret – and the loss of freedom. We must fight it at all turns. AMAC does that with legislation and ceaseless communication.


Black Lives Matter (BLM), certainly having many sincere participants, is directed by the militant Movement for Black Lives (MBL) – an organization funded by “laundered” dark Leftist money, and is, at root, a deception. It is a tight, fighting slogan that uses something axiomatic, or obvious, to convey or promote something that is unspoken. While Black lives matter, as do Hispanic, Asian, and by moral definition all lives, including all minority and majority individuals, all skin colors, the slogan is a layered attack on existing democratic institutions, in many ways the vehicle for advancing CRT, which is a rebranding of Marxism. Many BLM and the MBL leaders seem to make no secret of their Marxist backgrounds.

In effect, BLM seems a not-so-subtle resurrection of the Marxist acronym from the 1960s (which then stood for Black Liberation Movement, and the Black Liberation Army). Those purporting to represent the letters have participated, according to public records, in widespread violence, including in riots during 2020 and 2021 which afflicted up to 200 cities, and in which minority leaders – including in major cities – have decried the destruction wrought.

In short, Marxism – and those who push the idea of concentrating power to coerce redistribution of wealth under socialist, communist, fascist, and other tags – seek to use all means necessary to undermine the legitimacy of the current institutions governing America, for their own ends. BLM is, in many ways, not new.

Perhaps saddest, the BLM violence and push has sidelined real conversations about police and societal improvement, such as those pushed by Black Republican Senator Tim Scott. Violence is never a way to better civil dialogue or civic cohesion. While BLM may mean a variety of things to a variety of people, the acronym has been used by those who seek to undermine not improve.