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If you have ever felt the calling to get involved, look no further than AMAC Action. We need to come together, now more than ever, to preserve the values that have made America the greatest nation. As an AMAC member, you can volunteer to take an active role in one of our AMAC Action Advocacy Chapters.

An AMAC Action Chapter is a regional, community based, educational forum with the purpose of: educating AMAC members and like-minded conservative members of the community; networking, and participating in political discourse; learning about issues important to AMAC membership; sharing insight into specific legislation; gaining a stronger understanding of our nation’s founding documents in order to preserve our conservative and constitutional liberties and values.

The stronger our Chapters, the more weight AMAC carries when advocating for your rights in Congress. See how to get involved below.

On October 3, 2019, your AMAC team attended the signing of President Trump’s Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors in The Villages, Florida. AMAC member Corey Spangler sat on the stage with the President, and he called upon her to share her Medicare experiences with the audience.

The Executive Order puts patients in control of their health care by providing transparency and more choices. The President will take a proactive approach to eliminating waste, fraud and abuse within the Medicare program by utilizing state-of-the art technologies and software. The Executive Order advances policies that will streamline the approval of therapies while reducing obstacles to improved patient care. Patients will be empowered by increased access to telehealth and new treatments as well as experiencing more time spent with health care providers.

President Trump recognized that America’s seniors are happy with Medicare and pledged to strengthen the program to ensure its availability for years to come. The President also called out the Democrats’ so-called “Medicare for All” scheme as a threat to end the Medicare program as we know it, noting that it would eliminate choice for America’s seniors. The President assured seniors that he intends to make Medicare competitive and more comprehensive so it may provide the best possible care for beneficiaries.

Welcome to AMAC Action Advocacy!

Ways you can get involved:


The Delegate is the primary liaison for AMAC Action to the local District Congressional office(s). The goal is to establish a long-term relationship with the Member of Congress and staffers in order to articulate the AMAC Action mission and stance on issues on behalf of AMAC members. Delegates meet regularly with their Congressman and help organize events on behalf of AMAC members.

Chapter Leader

The Chapter Leader collaborates with the Delegate(s) in the Chapter and leads the Chapter’s regional outreach, including identifying and recruiting new grassroots volunteers, and holding educational forums where AMAC members and like-minded conservative members of the community can network, learn and participate in political discourse on behalf of our membership and for the betterment of our nation.

Chapter Member

In addition to participating in monthly forum meetings, Chapter Members are called upon by Delegates, to attend district Congressional meetings and other events to demonstrate our strength in numbers with the goal of influencing legislation.

Any Questions?

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